Flare: Data Visualization & Dashboards

Charting and dashboard tools for fast, flexible data viz

Within TMMData's Foundation platform, Flare enables the creation, presentation, and sharing of insights based on curated views of clean, blended data. Foundation eliminates repetitive manual reporting tasks by enabling distribution of graphical and other summary information that can be refreshed whenever it's needed by end-users.  Flare allows decision-makers with different permissions and skill levels to review summary charts and dashboards without compromising data quality, integrity, or security.



Tools to Tell the Story 


Flare helps users explore data visually and share it in context. With a variety of dynamic chart types, dashboard options, and publication tools, it's easy to create meaningful presentations of analyses. In addition to offering numerous ways to represent data graphically - from line charts and funnels to maps and word clouds - Flare also allows users to highlight insights directly on a dashboard using text boxes, and also provides the option to embed a fixed tabular view of the data. Finally, the Foundation makes it easy to load prepped data directly into popular visualization platforms like Tableau, Qlik, and Microsoft Power BI.


Laptop with Flare Data Monitoring


Monitor Data and Process Status

TMMData's platform offers powerful resources for proactive data flow monitoring, including automated alerts that send immediate notifications about any data problems, and performance reporting to aid in diagnosis - even if the issue is with an external data source. With Flare, it's also easy to monitor record volume, status, and overall productivity over time using dashboard tools.  






Share the Right Information With the Right Decision-Makers


It's critical to have sophisticated tools for sharing information, especially when sensitive data is involved.  Flare enables preparation of visualizations from filtered data views and options for providing appropriate access to specific types of audiences. Public access is enabled by creating links to dashboards or visualizations that can be shared directly with individuals or embedded on a website, while protected access can be provided with user logins. With either option, the link delivers a live view of the data rather than a snapshot, so users can make confident decisions with current information. 

Flare viz on iPhone

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