The Foundation Platform is now Minitab Connect!

TMMData's Foundation Platform

TMMData’s Foundation platform for data integration, preparation, and management is built for cloud, on-premise, & hybrid deployments so you can keep your data wherever you need it. Marketers, data analysts, and other line-of-business users rely on Foundation to gain access to the complete data picture, utilizing powerful, intuitive tools to manage and automate the otherwise productivity-sapping tasks of finding, transforming, and aggregating information from multiple sources.



your internal and external, online and offline data sources by using our pre-built connectors and integrations.


your data quickly, according to transformation and cleansing process rules you define.


and organize data using our graphical workflow, built for business users without technical programming skills.


data and reports with colleagues across your organization to make strategic business decisions faster.


your resources to spend less time wrangling your data and more time gaining deep, actionable insights from it.


and maintain data quality and accuracy with non-technical, user-friendly forms and access controls.


by scheduling processes to repeat, refresh, and send alerts whenever data or status changes.


your data for holistic evaluation and confident, informed decision-making.

Explore the Foundation Platform

Flow: Data Access & Blending


Self-service data integration, transformation, and delivery

  • Direct inputs from online/offline and internal/external sources
  • Schedule automated cleansing and transformation processes
  • Seamless output to all your destination platforms and tools

Learn about the Flow tool >>

Form: Data Entry & Governance


Standardize taxonomy, governance, and reporting

  • Centralize and automate data processes
  • Protect data taxonomy with user- and group-level controls
  • Integrate directly with data platforms and tools

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Prep: Self-Service Data Preparation


Data preparation, aggregation, and reporting tools

  • Easily filter, format, sort, and visualize data for analysis
  • Intuitive interface enables data exploration without coding
  • Save data prep views for repeatable workflow and sharing

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Visualize: Charting & Dashboards


Charting and dashboard tools for fast, flexible data viz

  • View data in chart and dashboard tools or send to BI tools
  • Generate urls to share views or embed them directly on a website
  • Use system dashboards to monitor data and process status

Learn about the Visualize tool >>

Base: Data Storage & Management


Governed repository providing access to unified data

  • All integrated data is available as a departmental data-mart
  • Clean, up-to-date data available immediately for ad hoc analyses
  • Manage access with group- and user-level permissions

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Connectors and Integrations


Pre-built connectors enable self-service access

  • Enterprise database systems and big data sources
  • Cloud applications 
  • Analytics and visualization platforms


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