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Base: Data Storage & Management

Unified, governed data repository providing access to all relevant data

Within TMMData’s Foundation platform, the Base Tool provides organizations with easy, immediate access to clean, governed, integrated data by enabling the creation of departmental data-marts. Because the platform integrates all your data resources into a centralized database, Base can provide fast, direct access to your clean, blended data in ways that traditional "ETL" integration tools cannot. The Base Tool allows users at various technical skill levels to manage their data resources without risking data quality, integrity, or security.


Your Team’s Data Resource - Connected, Clean, Available

Ready access for ad hoc analyses

With the Base Tool, your clean, up-to-date data is all available when you want it, so you can dive in immediately when you have a question, rather than waiting days or even weeks to have an IT or engineering team build a new report.

Flexible, purposeful tools and design

Intuitive database management tools make it easy to oversee your resources without a dedicated database administrator, but the availability of back-end coding options, such as custom field types for row or table level event action via PHP, Python, PERL, and SQL, provide more technical users with the option to develop custom solutions.

Up-to-date data resources

Unlike traditional ETL ("Extract, Transform, Load") tools, which map data that's federated or virtualized but isn't actually integrated, the Foundation Platform integrates all your data resources into a centralized database. As a result, the Base Tool enables fast, direct access to your clean, integrated data.


Fast Data Availability and Clear Context for Everyone

With TMMData's Foundation Platform, your team's integrated data is available in a secure environment as a department or unit data-mart. Clear connections are made with clear purpose, making it easy to access the information that's most critical to your work, so data users across the organization are empowered to make fully-informed, strategic decisions.

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