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Prep: Self-Service Data Preparation

Data preparation, aggregation, and reporting tools

Within TMMData's Foundation Platform, the Prep Tool enables self-service data preparation that allows data users with a variety of technical skill levels to enrich, contextualize, and explore all their data for analysis. Prep enables analysts to shape the platform's clean, integrated, raw data into actionable data sets. Prepped data can be saved into “views” for sharing as repeatable workflows, visualization via charting and dashboarding tools, and direct connectivity to popular analytics and visualization platforms like Tableau, Qlik, Microsoft Power BI, and Adobe Analytics.

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Complete Visibility

The Prep Tool's interface makes it easy to set filters, access statistical functions, set conditional formatting, and join or parse data using a dynamic visual environment without risking data quality, integrity, or security. As a result, TMMData's Foundation Platform provides analysts with the tools to design and run data prep workflows instantly, without switching between applications.


Easily Explore Your Data

The Prep Tool enables self-service data preparation, exploration, and distribution, so data users across the organization are empowered to make fully-informed, strategic decisions.

  • Prepare - Shape, enrich, aggregate, and filter data for advanced analysis using intuitive data prep tools
  • Discover - Answer questions immediately by exploring fresh, clean, blended data sets without risking data integrity
  • Visualize - Understand data in context with embedded interactive charting tools and customizable system dashboards


Purposefully Designed for Analysts

Purposefully Designed for Analysts

Self-service shouldn’t mean simplistic. Today’s business challenges are complex, and professionals throughout the organization need sophisticated tools to analyze clean, current, connected data in the way that suits their style and skill level. TMMData's Foundation Platform is designed to facilitate confident exploration by a range of users, from analysts to data scientists to database engineers, with business-user and technical-user options for data transformation and preparation.

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