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Flow: Data Access & Blending

Self-service data integration, transformation, and delivery

Within TMMData's Foundation Platform, the Flow Tool enables self-service data integration, transformation, and delivery for seamless blending of online/offline and internal/external sources, eliminating manual tasks and automating the movement of data between different sources and platforms. The Flow Tool allows data users at various technical skill levels to connect to, and cleanse, data from data warehouses, cloud applications, spreadsheets, and other sources without risking data quality, integrity, or security.

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Complete Visibility

Complete Visibility

The sophisticated drag-and-drop Flow Tool interface makes it easy to manage the data supply chain and see each step of the workflows including sources, triggers, changes, and deliverables. Flow pairs elegant, intuitive design with powerful functionality so analysts have the tools to visualize, schedule, and manage repeatable data processes without switching between screens.

Automate Data Transformation and Cleansing

Design Repeatable Processes

Connect data from across the organization to create direct data flows from all of your sources.

Set Automated Update Triggers

Eliminate manual tasks by scheduling processes that repeat, refresh, deliver, and send alerts as needed.

Pre-Built Connectors Enable Self-Service Access

Pre-Built Connectors Enable Self-Service Access

High-performance, pre-built connectors make it easy to integrate centralized data from enterprise database systems and big data sources like Hadoop, Big Query, and MongoDB with cloud applications like Salesforce, Facebook, and SAP. Clean, aggregated data can be loaded directly into popular analytics and visualization platforms like Adobe Analytics, Tableau, Qlik, and Microsoft Power BI.

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