Form: Direct Data Entry & Governance

Standardize taxonomy, governance, and reporting

Within TMMData's Foundation Platform, the Form Tool allows users of any technical skill level to contribute comprehensive, clean data that can be automatically integrated and seamlessly blended with data from data warehouses, cloud applications, spreadsheets, and other sources across the organization. The Form Tool enables centralization of the valuable data resources that often reside in spreadsheets on individual desktops, by minimizing manual effort and automating the collection of data.

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Centralize the Valuable Data Hiding in Spreadsheets on Individual Desktops

The Form Tool's interface is highly flexible and intuitive, ensuring that accurate, timely data entry is a painless process. Form's back end provides powerful data governance tools to ensure the capture of metadata and adherence to taxonomy rules. When data is submitted, user notifications, automatic alerts, data blending, and data delivery processes can all be set to execute immediately or on a defined schedule.

Everyone Contributing to Data Quality

The Form Tool makes it easy for anyone in the organization to contribute clean, complete, timely, and accurate data. Flexible forms can be designed with user-specific instructions, fields, requirements, and displays to minimize effort and minimize errors. Forms can also be accessed from any device to ensure easy, fast, secure data entry, and form themes are available to blend seamlessly with other organizational resources.

Make Confident Decisions with Clean, Comprehensive Data

The Form Tool provides standardization and automation of time-consuming and error-prone manual workflows, ensuring that everyone's decisions can be informed by quality data. And because TMMData's Foundation Platform provides seamless, direct integration to all your data sources, it's easy to blend form-entered data with information from across the organization.

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